Artistic Ornamental

  • A very detailed and complex style which follows natural proportional realism and also (when requested), allows elaborate and ornamental development.

Rustic Ornamental

  • A style that obeys proportional realism. It presents rustic details and is very used for simple and cartoon inspired pieces.

Chibi Dragons

  • Based on the classic japanese style. Chibi is a cute and endearing interpretation of the dragon. A chibi Dragon is quite detailed, however its head and eyes are bigger and more expressive than the body.

Baby Dragons

  • Similar to the Chibi Dragon, a baby Dragon has eyes and head bigger than the body and has a childlike and rather cute expression, resembling a baby. The small body presents rustic and more standard details.


  • Chibis are sculpted with strong influence in the Japanese clean face style, with big expressive head and eyes. They usually are represented in a cute and relaxed way.

Big Nose Chibi

  • Big Nose Chibi is a variation of the chibi style, presenting eyes and head bigger than the body, however expression lines and angles, traits, characteristics and facial exaggerations are more developed which gives a comic caricature touch to the piece.